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Wave Curtain Track, with Wave Tape

  • R 300.00
Includes Vat
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1 x Wave Curtain Track, Double Metal Brackets (spacing approx 80cm), 6cm String Glide System, End Caps.

100mm Clear Wave Pleat Hook Tape, 2.3 Fullness per meter.


Hand Drawn. 

User friendly Hook System.

Center Open or Stack Curtains Apply. 

Up to 6m Lengths.

Wave Tape Fullness Calculation...

1.0m TRACK = 2.3m Tape Fullness, Curtain Hook spaced every 18 Pockets

1.0m TRACK = 2.1m Tape Fullness, Curtain Hook spaced every 16 Pockets

1.0m TRACK = 1.8m Tape Fullness, Curtain Hook spaced every 14 Pockets

Note, the Wave shape remains the same, irrespective of Fullness chosen. 

Less Fullness = Less Fabric, Same Wave Spacing.

Not Included:

Acetyl/Brass Curtain Hooks

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