Approximate Lead Times

While we offer an Online Shopping experience and hold limited stock of our product range, we are not a shop and so all orders are processed to client specifications.

Based on this, we have general production/availability lead times as follows...

- Accessories approx 1-2 work days

- Medium Duty Tracks approx 1-3 work days

- Heavy Duty Tracks approx 1-3 work days

- Stainless Steel Range (excludes Black Rods) approx 1-3 work days

Wave Tracks approx  3-5 work days

- EXPRESS Blinds approx 3-5 work days

- Clip-On Rods/ Pelmets approx 3-5 work days

- Corded Track Systems approx 5-7 work days

- Metal Rods (includes Black Rods) approx 5-7 work days 

- Combo/ Linear Rails approx 5-7 work days

- Hospital Tracks approx 7-10 work days

- Motorised Tracks approx 7-10 work days

- Blinds approx 10 work days

Note - work days, exclude weekends.

We will endeavour to stick to the general lead times but with fluctuating volume of orders and work load, these are to be used as an indication only.

Should there be a genuine delay for whatever circumstance, we would notify you.

URGENT ORDERS - please advise us and we will always try and assist where possible.